A second division of Nusco-Solutions


We build a unique bike for you.

- The design of the products, colors and applications, we agree on the bike.

- the magnet, on every exhibition stand.

- 100% personalized and guaranteed, unique worldwide.

- A team of specialists are working on it.

- Many parts are custom-made, and hand-made, in germany.


It's time that exhibitions are no longer boring, be creative and pull people on your stand. The people will talk about you and have a great day.

NUSCO-Solutions Inh. S. Nüssle


Fachhandel für Druckluft und Recyclingtechnik mit über 20 Jahren Erfahrung


Specialist retailer for compressed air and recycling technology with en experience from more than 20 years in the field worldwide.

Freundschaft und Professionalität verbindet.

Wir können auch die Schwierigsten Aufgaben lösen,

zusammen mit unserem Partner.


Friendship and professionalism connects.

We can solve even the most difficult tasks

together with our partner.

It does not work, does not exist,

we make it possible!!!

Our professional international platform where you can find our used machines.

Should not you find the right ones?

Talk to us, we make everything possible.


Der erster ROTOBEC

in Deutschland,

läuft in Hamburg bei EMR

an einem Liebherr 924

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